Monday, March 7, 2011

Uranus in Aries soon

in a few days Uranus will be in Aries, the sign of the child, of beginnings, of fighting running against closed doors. In the political situation that might mean war, especially around March 22nd, when the Sun will be in Aries as well, and Sun conjunct Uranus will be at the square of Pluto, deep important changes, which can be compared to going to see a phsychiatrist for years.
On April the 9th the situation will be kind of blocked, as Mars, with Uranus, will be squaring Pluto, and Mercury will be conjucting Jupiter and the Sun. Considering the best situation I can see, diplomacy ( Mercury and Jupiter, the law) might bet some result while people are under the threat of violence or a war ( Pluto squaring Mars and Uranus).
On April 22 something will change.
I also think the situation will go on unresolved for more months, going through ups and downs and frustration ( Saturn opposite Mars).

The image is about my chakra sculpture for meditation and gold protection grid ( you can see them in Nizhi
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