Saturday, March 26, 2011

Neptune conjunct Venus

Venus is at 28° Aquarius and Neptune 29°. As I said before , the end of a sign is important, as the cusp is a sensitive spot.Venus is love, and Neptune is illusions but also helping, when conjunct Venus, just for the sake of pure love or sacrifice. It is a very pure love and it symbolizes telepathy as well, when two people just feel like one. So all those who have a good reception point in their horoscopes ( 29° of personal planets, not in a difficult aspect with other personal planets) might feel in a very altruistic mood, of find someone to help. Both planets are in quiqunx to Saturn, aspect which in my opinion is quite karmic. It means some help required from past lives will come. Putting it into political terms, some help for the wars and victims of tsunami will be a kind of closure of a karmic contract.

More to follow, as Sun , Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter in Aries give a lot of action..

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