Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami, Uranus, Neptune

March 11th 2011, earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Astrologically it is very interesting as Uranus, ( earthquakes, electricity, sudden changes) is 29° in Pisces, and Neptune ( water, floods) is 29° in Aquarius. Aquarius is also governed by Uranus.
When a planet is at the end of a sign, on the cusp, something which precipitates a situation often happens, with the energy of the sign in which the planet is. Pisces is a watery sign, and Neptune is its ruler. A theory of mine is that when two planets are in semisextile ( 30°) the effect is powerful, a karmic one, and it can also be seen in relationships when Venus and Mars are in aspect of 30°.
Uranus indicates the earthquake, the breaking out of everything under our feet, of the state of things as we used to know that, and as it happened in Pisces, and Neptune is its ruler, a tsunami followed, clearing up what was left with the force of water. The interwowen aspects of the two planets and signs are quite clear.
There is no need to explain what everybody can see by watching video and pictures about disasters in Japan, there is another aspect , though, which gives some hope.The aspect is Jupiter sextile Venus, a transit of abundance, optimism, falling in love, arts etc, which would seem out of place in such a situation. That makes me think, rather, that many people experienced what love from helpers or friends or relatives means and felt supported.
The Moon is squaring Neptune, pointing at the waters moving ( the Moon is also a symbol of water) and confused and powerful emotions, a feeling of being lost, disappointment, frustration. At the same time the Moon is in good aspect to Mercury and Uranus, giving some clarity of mind and understanding of the process, together with the ability to react in a creative way, out of the usual schemes.
Vertex, Part of Fortune and the Nodes have also many aspects with the planets above, some of them the ones I call "karmic aspects", like the semisextile. But this will be part of another part of the blog.

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