Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Avastar adventures

First of all, I must say Eleanora  Newell is great, as she is so fast at answering and helping with Avastar.
This is what she said on , where you find useful tips, tutorials and a blog about how to use Avastar.

Hi, Delia,
I need a picture showing me your shoes in object mode and on the right, I need to see the property shelf (toggles letter P) showing me the scale and rotations transforms for the shoes, please. Remember that I told you that if the shoes had incorrect scale (especially in the negative), it would cause reversed normals. In addition, if the scale is incorrect, you must then check the normals again after you correct it and make sure the normals don’t need to be corrected, because often they do. And again, this is NOT something Avastar does, this is all about the models and how you model, which includes if you keep correct scale and check for inversions throughout the modeling process.

Actually I had forgotten scaling is important, as this solved another issue I had had and Eleanora had told that to me already. In that case the problem was fixed, but this seems to be a more tricky one.
Here is what I did:
1 .
scaled, as you can see on the right.  CTRL+A

flipped normals and exported as in the  picture I  posted yesterday , dae - Avastar

Reimported them in Blender to see if everything was ok. Nope, flipped normals.

Checked if it is my problem or Avastar problem, exporting the same file using Blender- dae
Reimported the dae file.

So, as I am sure Avastar works and was tested, and I know I am soneone who can find bugs anywhere, I can think of the following reasons:
a- the program is so perfect that it fixes things which are not ok, so it interprets the lack of inner faces as something not ok and flips normals. Blender export does not do that, so it must be some extra line in exporting and checking.
b- there is some problem with vertex groups ( I added some for color  stripes etc) , or in interpreting the weights taken from Slink feet . ( I set the file as expained in the tutorial ). I exported as avastar .dae Slink feet for a check, and the file has no ending, I have to add .dae manually to be able to read it. ( see the picture in my previous posts)
c. There is some problem with texture, as I noticed before ( in Blender export for sl, not Avastar ) that it could give some problems when exporting it, so Texture might be an issue. No clue.

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Eleanora Newell said...

Hi, Delia, I still need the blend file in order to verify what you're telling us. Thank you.