Thursday, March 20, 2014

Still struggling with Avastar today, and quite frustrated, as things do not show up where they should. Not sure why this is happening ( I am the best beta tester, make it in such a way as to change the usual working of any program )but I am watching Gaia's video, go to 12.30 and compare my picture : bone presets does not show up. I opened the default avi in Avastar, yesterday I  tried fitted avatar from the menu above, though it was what was not weighting properly ( see yesterday's post)
See also Gaia's video at 1228, Bone presets here or fitted mesh does not show up ( it used to)
I guess I will have to uninstall Avastar and install it again, but have to look if I can leave the file unzipped, the first time doing it, and I am short of time, this is very time consuming, hours..
A few days ago it worked ( was it version .11? not sure), here you can also see through after weighting  ( it didn't )and I cannot see fitted bones, but I used to see them, so not sure about what happened.
I am also a bit confused as I got you have to use classic rigging, detach sliders, parent armature, use fitted rigging , move weights ( can't see the box to do that but I know I saw it  yesterday in .23 , and this is .23 ), add sliders. Not sure this is the process.Any help is welcome.

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