Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Avastar 1.1.1038 fitted mesh

Here we are with the latest test version of Avastar.
Fitted mesh does not work at all for me.
Eleanora Newell kindly sent a note with workflow, here is what  should happen:

"4. For Fitted Mesh, press the plus sign by "Deform (Fitted)..." to open the panel where the Fitted button should be the one enabled.

5. If you have done weights from meshes or bones, change Weight to Move. This will move the weights that were originally mBones (SL) weights and moves them to the corresponding cBones (volume/collision). Apply configuration."

Weight to move does not show up, nor does the menu with bones. Frustrating.

Ok , now I know what a "stubborn install" in Blender is. To solve this problem you need to reinstall Avastar from scratch.

Anyway one previous Avastar ( can't remember which one, 24 perhaps? ) worked with fitted mesh, as you can see here below)
 I was still wearing something below not to appear naked to someone without an updated viewer.

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