Saturday, February 19, 2011

Conjunctions and USN news

Interesting conjunction today, of Mercury, Sun, Neptune and Mars on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces. Neptune can mean spiritual work, music arts, Mars gives action, Mercury intellectual work and understanding of it, the Sun the person itself, brightening it all. Those affected by it can get a lot of energy for their spiritual work or creativity, but it might also be disturbing, not letting you keep grounded.
Saturn square Venus is the brand of feeling alone and abandoned, and it also shows you the more down to earth aspect of love.
What Birdie wrote in the USN notice for today, the new Daily News, explains perfectly what I mean, here it is: ( and yes, I make healing clothes in sl , jewels with symbols and tools for meditation, as many of you know already)
( Fiammetta gown is out for 50L$ only for the weekend, it contains some symbols- and in a lucky chair, look for the blue Nizhi round chair at the entrance, as it does not look as the usual ones!)

✖✖ ✖✖ ✖✖ ✖✖ ✖✖ ✖✖ ✖✖ ✖✖ ✖✖ ✖✖
by Birdie Vogelbaum

Because we want you to be found by those looking for you
Because there is so much happening we need to make some changes

We are adding a space with media, a TV and Radio and will be inviting you to submit your YouTubes, MP3 audio files and radio URLs

We will be Posting to SL Events Calandar and listing it in search so people can find us easily

We are thinking of adding portals to your sim or parcel if you wish so people can visit you directly from there after watching your YouTube , listening to your MP3 audio file or stream on the radio.

Since we have so many great events that are not part of the regular schedule we are going to be putting them in a seperate note. We have so much talent in within our network, creating amazing events that we wish to promote, we realized we need to expand our schedule format to include additional announcements.

We are now collecting a list to go out with the notices, which will include USN members wishing to advertise their spiritually oriented goods and services.

*Do you hear Cheers!!*

Do you do healing or spiritual counciling (not only on an emergency basis)? Do you do readings such as Tarot, Psychic, or Astrological?
Do you make clothing or jewelry for the spiritually inclined?
Do you have a shop or a sim that has shops that cater to the needs of our community? Do you make devices such as healing tables or crystals? Do you give one on one lessons in spirit work? Let us help spread the word!

We would like to add you to this new list. We will post this list in the new Media area as well as in the USN gardens. *note- if you have a youtube orMP3 audio file submitt that as well.

We are also launching a blog on the web in lieu of the USN journal
Our Usn Blog is still under construction, but we would like you to
think about what you might want to blog about there.

*ALSO*** We setting up a web based Calandar which we hope you will plug into!

It is our goal to let people know who you are and where to find you .

You're all such wonderful people with amazing gifts and talents ... spreading the light and wisdom so generously we want anyone who is looking seeking what you are offering to find you.

If you have comments or questions ..or any suggestions for us to consider .. contact Birdie Vogelbaum please.

Birdie also wrote this, with matches with Venus squaring Saturn:
******** DEAR BIRDIE ********
I said to my grandmother "I want to be smart" she asked me if I wouldn't rather be wise. When she explained the difference of course I chose wise. I would like to share wisdom with you. Ask me a question and we will share with the community.

A burden shared is a burden halved, a joy shared is a joy doubled. Ask Birdie about your spiritual dilema's and lets get a little further down the road.

This is not intended to be a psychic reading or authoritarian in any way. Simply advice and sharing wisdom. -- BIRDIE

Dear Birdie,
Its valentines today and my SL boyfriend turned off my
ability to see him online. He didn't say anything was
wrong. I am upset that he did that.
I thought everything was perfect, we were made to be
together, when I asked my guides they told me we were
together through time, twin flames, and not to despair
just wait and all would be well again. I must say its
harder today, but he has not talked to me in days.
I don't know what happened. I am so hurt and its hard to
be on SL today. Can you explain to me why my guides tell
me to wait and not to worry?
Sad and lonely

Dear Sad and lonely,
Maybe he saw Valentines looming and got spooked, some
guys do.
That said there are many reasons guys go silent with no
explanation. I don't think they realise how cruel that is.
SL seems to create a fabulous connection between people
allowing us to feel wonderful strong ties. When things go wrong we really feel bad.
Is it an illusion, a glamor cast over us? Is it real?
And there is always real life looming in the background.
All that said, when my guide told me something similar to
yours, I told him to take over for a while and see how he
liked it.
Then I turned off the b/f's ability to see me and moved to
a new home, went on with my life with my friends and
got happy again.
I do not know why a guide would tell you to wait, maybe
he will come around, but till then get on with your life
and be happy, and if he does come 'round he better
grovel or have a good explanation.
This sounds like the same old stuff packaged in shiny
new paper to keep us stuck and helpless. Don't fall for it.
Here is a link I hope you enjoy,

Happy Valentines

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