Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conjunctions and Pluto

Pluto is in sextile to the 4 planets conjuncting in Pisces. This means deep changes going on, together with the energy I spoke about in my previous post. Those born in the last day of a sign, or the first ones, will be greatly affected, as the Sun, personality, is implied.
Uranus ( a disruptive one, high energy, like electricity) is 29° in Pisces, ready to leave it for Aries, the conqueror sign.
Pluto is also squaring Jupiter, law and established justice, so there will be important changes, not necessarily good ones, or easy ones.
I think the fact in Libia most of the army did not shoot ( some pilots let their airplanes fall and parachuted themselves, rather than bombing the people) is due to the fact that the conjunction is in Pisces, a sign of suffering but not an aggressive one. There is a lot of sensitivity in Pisces.
Nevertheless, I think most of us can be affected by the energy above, and feel they can't really reach action as they would like to ( Mars- Neptune, Neptune is a fog on everything, vision, realization etc.
When Uranus comes to Aries, there will be very disruptive times, in my opinion, not easy ones. Complete changes, reached abruptly and possibly with blood and violence ( more than what is actually there..)
Let's wait and see.

So , because of all this , I am letting my avatar rest on the Lemurian healing table I made.
You are welcome to come try it in Nizhi, it is there for those in need ( in the small cave above the golden waterfall

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