Sunday, January 30, 2011

Astrological chart for these days

Uranus is conjunct Jupiter, and both are squaring the Moon, right now as I am writing.. so I was wondering how it can be related to the facts happening in Egypt, when I chanced upon this book of Lily "Supernatural Sights and Apparitions, seen in London 1644": it is about ghosts and apparitions, but it also talks of planets in politics ( see page 10)- The Moon represents the people, he says, and he talks of a conjunction of Jupiter and Mars- ( July 1644 , London ) .
On 2 July 1644 the royalists were severely defeated at the battle of Marston Moor , and it was civil war.
Uranus, now conjunct Jupiter, is the higher octave of Mars. The square means war, and the Moon is also conjunct the north Node, which gives a karmic nuance to all this. Jupiter represents the king or legal power, Uranus a complete and abrupt change, and they are both squaring the Moon ( the people). I did not check the chart of Egypt, but I suppose some planets are in a strict relationship to the aspect above, so it is affected.

Lily says, about Mars in conjunction with Jupiter that "men shall too much set their hearts upon wars, there shall be many insurrections, abundance of complaints, causes and Law suites" and he also predicts "death for some King", when they finish their revolution, which , as we know was true at the time, with the execution of Charles I.

As a personal case, should anyone have a personal planet on the last degrees of Pisces, or any other sign, he will be affected someway by this square.

So, this is the thought of the day.. to be continued--

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Jophiella said...

Fascinating .. in the words of Spock
A very interesting look back in history relating it to now .. thank you