Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lindens and help

So, after opening a store of mine, buying some land on the mainland, I realized 2500 sqm were not enough ( in less than one month ..), so I asked Lindens for help to join the land around ( it was about 65sqm+512 etc) and Leo came for help. He is there in the picture he has on his profile. He was very kind to me and as he knew he was the first Linden I met in person, gave me a present, a sweet teddy bear ( who doesn't need one?). I got the land on 12th 12 at 12.00, which to me is a good sign, and there you have the picture of what I built, a healing cave..
Amber Linden was also kind to solve an inventory issue, so I think they need a big thanks!

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